Workers’ Compensation Law

In North Carolina, workers who are injured on the job and at their workplace are protected by specific state laws that apply to that situation. To obtain maximum benefits, the injured worker must adhere to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation regulations for making a claim. Attorney Robert A. Lauver has helped hundreds of teachers, construction workers, mechanics, factory workers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, saw mill workers, utility workers and others to gain maximum disability compensation, medical benefits and compensation for other expenses related to their injuries.

Attorney Robert A. Lauver

In Kernersville, NC, Attorney Robert A. Lauver has dedicated over 25 years of legal practice to clients who were seriously injured during the course of their jobs, either by accident or deliberate action. He has represented clients in a wide range of Workers’ Compensation cases before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.Successful results have brought his clients the fair compensation and settlements they deserved to resolve claims for medical expenses, wage loss, disability and impairment.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

It is essential that injured workers seek representation from an experienced North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, because the laws that apply to workplace injuries are very complex, with strict regulations that must be followed. If you do not meet time limits, claim procedures and proof of workplace injury, you may lose your opportunity and rights to obtain justice and fair compensation.

The following rules apply to workplace injury reporting and making claims in general:

  1. Report injuries to your employer and seek medical treatment.
  2. Tell that health care provider your injury is work related, so the provider can bill treatment as Workers’ Compensation.
  3. Inform a manager or company owner that you have a work-related accident.
  4. Give written notice of accident date and injury description to your employer within 30 days. Keep a copy.
  5. Follow physician’s instructions for treatment.

Bear in mind that you also need to get legal representation immediately from a North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. Do not talk about your injuries with insurance adjusters or anyone other than your lawyer. Contact Robert A. Lauver, Attorney at Law, at the law firm of Robert A. Lauver, in Kernersville, NC, to get the caring and aggressive legal representation you need to gain best results from your injury claims. Call Bob for a free initial consultation, at (336) 996-1551